Please come out and see us. Dates are below.


Friday May 24th. Paddy Mac's 9pm-12am

Saturday May 25th. Two Georges 4-7pm

Sunday, May 26th. Brewhouse Gallery 7-10pm

Friday, June 7th. Two Georges (DUO) 5-8pm

Friday, June 14th. Brewhouse Gallery 8-11pm

Saturday, June 15th. Carsons Pub 8-11pm

Saturday, June 22nd. Two Georges 4-7pm

Friday June 28th. Paddy Mac's 9pm-12am

Saturday June 29th. Rudy’s Pub 8-11pm

Thursday, July 4th. Two Georges (DUO) 3-6pm

Thursday, July 4th. Private Party Evening

Friday, July 12th. Brewhouse Gallery 8-11pm

Friday July 26th. Paddy Mac's 9pm-12am

Friday August 23rd. Paddy Mac's 9pm-12am

Friday September 27th. Paddy Mac's 9pm-12am

Friday October 25th. Paddy Mac's 9pm-12am

Saturday November 2nd. G4S Golf Tournament

Friday November 22nd. Paddy Mac's 9pm-12am

Friday December 27th. Paddy Mac's 9pm-12am

ctober 19th. The Brewhouse Gallery 8-11Fri October 26th. Paddy Mac's 9-12Sat October 27th. Brick & Barrel, Lake Park (DUO) 7-1Sunday March 17thSaturday March 31st Swank Farm